What our customers say about us

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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  • Offering to be the ‘certificate provider’ made the process much simpler, my mother would not have wanted to involve her friends…David

  • You have made it all very easy, I am very grateful… Thank you so much Angela

  • We tried to do it ourselves but we made a mistake and now we have to pay again.  We didn’t want to take the risk again!  Jackie and Ian

  • My son, who is only 50 wants his done, I have recommended you to him.  I think everyone should have one!

  • I don’t know what I would have done without you!  Brenda

  • Thanks Terrie, you put my mum and dad at ease and made the whole process seem very simple! Glad we got the powers of attorney before it was too late!  My dad’s dementia is definitely getting worse. Best wishes! L Stokoe

  • Just received my second Marks and Spencers Voucher from you for £20! Thrilled to bits.  A lovely gesture.  I will keep recommending you! Janet

  • I am so glad that you came round to Dad’s house to set up this as he would never have managed himself! All that paperwork! Way too confusing for him! Much appreciated. Anonymous

  • Rare that you come across someone in life nowadays who looks after their clients so well…… we were very impressed.  Thank you very much Terrie and we wish luck!   Paul and Ann

  • I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness in preparing the LPAs for my mum with early onset Alzheimer’s. She still has good days and I am thankful for that, but only time will tell how long we have Mum… I’m glad I will be able to help her when the time comes… Angela

  • Thank you Terrie, I am very impressed by your professionalism and expertise.  The customer service was second to none.  Gill and Ken

  • Thank you for all your advice, I really felt that I got my monies worth !  Angela H

  • I telephoned a number of law firms to see what their costs would be. They were all much higher than yours, but they were also all quite off hand and disinterested in us.  Plus, most would even not consider doing a home visit. My mum is 91. We were delighted with the service we got from you. I know you offered incentives for us to get you new work but, honestly, we would recommend you regardless. We were very very pleased with the service we received and are glad we chose you.  Gill and Mick

  • I have recommended you to my neighbour and my sister. Delighted with your service and appreciate your hard work and kindness. If only every business was as thorough as yours…. Annie

  • Exceptional customer service ! thank you! Bob Robson

  • Nothing was too much trouble, I will definitely recommend Terrie to my family and friends.  Anne Lewis

  • Just got them all back from the OPG.  Really glad we got Terrie to do them for us. Great service!  Thanks Terrie!

  • Hi Terrie.  The LPS’s have just arrived. Thank you so much for all your help in obtaining Power of Attorney for my dad. You made the whole process so easy. You were wonderful!  If I need any assistance in the future I will let you know.Sorry I don’t use Facebook but I highly recommend you! Take care. Maureen x

  • Most of my friends know how important it is to me to have a lasting power of attorney. I have both types and having had first hand experience of the Court of Protection, I agree it really is not worth thinking about! Having a LPA is arguably more important than a Will…. ideally have both, but for me the LPA is more important. Terrie is the best and I can vouch for her experience and value for money service – no one delivers more value. If you think you may want a LPA, or have a relative (you don’t have to be elderly!), give Terrie a call. Geographical location is no barrier with today’s technology. There will be no charge for a chat to see whether a LPA is suitable for you. It is about being responsible and reducing unnecessary stress and cost on your loved ones should the worst happen. Don’t put it on the to-do list to forget about it, call Terrie in the morning!  Suzanne

  • We have received the documents.  We will happily recommend you to other.  Great service.  Doris H

  • Thanks for your help with mums LPA.  I can now speak to all her utility companies and her bank without getting the third-degree.  Its making my life so much simpler!

  • OMG so so much cheaper than any of the lawyers in our area.  Some of them wanted more than three times what you charge and most of them also charged for a home visit!  You offer a great service, but dare I say it?  You are too cheap!!  Jane B

  • Thank you so much Terrie.  I can’t thank you enough really.  You made a massive difference to my mums situation and if I see anyone is facing the same issues I will pass your name on to them.  My mum is now back in a flat, and so much better now, only because I could stop the authorities taking control.  I really can’t thank you enough!