People involved in the process

People involved in the process

The people that will be involved in your LPA

You (the Donor) will choose people that you want to have involved in the decisions about your life. You will choose the people (called the Attorneys) who will act for you, in the event that you lose mental capacity.

A Certificate Provider is also required, this is a person who is either a professional person or an independent (unrelated) person who has known you for two years or more, who will act as an impartial person.  This person will ensure that you are not being coerced into appointing attorneys that may not be acting in your best interests.

In addition you will need witnesses who will witness the attorneys signatures.  The donor is unable to witness he attorneys signature and vice versa.

You can also choose people to whom notice of your LPA is given. This is a further means of ensuring there is no fraud being carried out to your detriment. You can additionally choose replacement attorneys in case the original attorneys die or are, when asked to do so, unwilling to act for you.

The decision about who you want to act as an attorney must be made by you.

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