Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered here.

Q: How much does Get Power of Attorney charge to prepare each Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

A: Each Lasting Power of Attorney is £150 (no VAT payable)

Q:  I am keen to get on with it, but is this a good price, or should I shop around?

A:  This is the best price in the North East of England, and probably the cheapest in the country if you want a professional solicitor to come to your home and prepare the forms for you. I act as certificate provider, saving you a further fee for this.  I prepare envelopes for the forms to be sent from one attorney to the next and then back to me.  I send the forms to the OPG by special delivery.   If you find anyone able to offer the same service as I do for less, I will match their price.  Guaranteed.

Q: Are there any incentives?

A: Yes, if you recommend someone to have their LPA prepared by us, you will receive gift vouchers worth £10 for each completed LPA. This is an introductory offer and is subject to change and cannot be combined with other incentives.

Q: I am in a hurry, how long will it all take?

A: Urgent appointments are available. Once instructions are taken and the charges and registration fees are paid, the LPA can be registered as soon as all the signatures are gathered. This depends on who the attorneys are and if they live in close proximity to the Donor. If everything is gathered together urgently, the application can be sent for registration within a week, depending on the time it takes to get everyone’s signature. The Office of the Public Guardian  will usually register the LPA within 8 -10 weeks. They must allow a four- week period for the notification process.  If no notification is required they can register the LPA in 6-8 weeks.

Q: My parents are elderly and my dad is immobile. They are not very good with the telephone. How will you gather the information you need?

A: Home visits are standard. The visit will be arranged at your convenience, including at weekends and in the evenings. The first visit will usually take 30-40 minutes, and the second visit (for the document to be signed and other witnesses signatures arranged) takes 15-20 minutes. We feel that this personal service is the best way to obtain the information, especially from elderly, infirm, confused or disabled people. We can, however, take all of the instructions by telephone if this is more convenient.  If you do not live in the geographical location we can use Skype or Face Time to talk to you or your elderly relatives, if this is more convenient to you.

Q: When is payment made, and by what method?

A: Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, personal cheque or PayPal or, if preferred, in cash. Payment is made at the time of taking instructions on the first visit.

Q: Why can’t we do these ourselves?

A:  You can!  Like most things in life you can have a go yourself.  However, like most things in life, it is usually better to use a professional, so that you can trust  the finished result.  By way of some analogies, I know that I couldn’t change a car tyre, and even if I managed to do it,  I would have to get it checked by a professional before using the car again, because I wouldn’t trust that I had done it properly.   I wouldn’t try and fix my own kitchen sink, because it might leak.  I wouldn’t fit my own windows, or lay the foundations of my home, because I don’t know all the pitfalls and I could get something wrong.   It might look alright,  but problems may arise later if you haven’t taken everything into account.  It is the same for Lasting Powers of Attorney.  They are legal documents which allow your attorneys access to your finances, health and well being.  It is absolutely vital that they are correct before you lose mental capacity.  Just because they are approved by the OPG doesn’t mean that you can use them later, they may contain a fundamental error that, because you don’t have the expertise I have, you don’t recognise at all.  So, for complete peace of mind and a very competitive price, I would recommend that you don’t dabble, and get me to do the forms for you.

Q:  What area do you cover?

A:  I am in Whitley Bay but cover a wide area :  from Hexham in the west, Alnmouth in the North and Durham in the South.  If you would like to use my services and are outside these areas, and not sure I can help,  you you can always call and discuss your requirements with me.  Skype and Face Time calls are frequently used in these situations.    If I can help you, I will.

Contact us now if you have any further questions or would like to begin the application process.