About us

About us

GET POWER OF ATTORNEY is a relatively new enterprise but has already begun delivering results since it opened earlier this year. More and more people now realise the importance of having all their affairs in order, for complete peace of mind. People of all ages are recommended to have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Terrie Pridie will help you to prepare your LPA

TERRIE PRIDIE, the founder of Get Power of Attorney, is a former solicitor with 20 years of experience in the legal world. After qualifying as a solicitor in 1998, she went on to work in private practice. Her company ‘Terrie Pridie and Co Solicitors’ (founded in 2003) ceased trading in 2014 when the Solicitors Regulation Authority ceased to allow the payment of referral fees for introducing clients. As most of Terrie’s business came from a claims management company, this meant that her work dried up very quickly. To the great disadvantage of her many clients and the legal world generally, Terrie had no option but to close her firm. Her title is now Solicitor – Non Practicing, which means she is on the solicitors ‘role’ but is not working as a solicitor.

During the course of her years in private practice, Terrie made many applications to the Court of Protection for Lasting Powers of Attorney. As she is not subject to the same overheads as a law firm, you receive the same level of service – and benefit from her years of professional experience – but at a fraction of the cost.

Priority is given to urgent appointments. Please advise us of the nature of the urgency and of your required time frame.

For COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND, call Terrie Pridie now on 07399 317 020 or visit our contact page.